General terms and conditions of rental


If the equipment for any reason should arrive damaged to the customer, the latter must take pictures and immediately contact Headphone Music /, in order to obtain a full or partial refund of his rental. If the equipment is returned damaged without further contact in advance, the customer will be held responsible.


From the moment the payment is validated and the financial transaction made in favor of Headphone Music / the order is considered final. If for reasons of force majeure the customer cannot organize his silent-disco, he must immediately contact Headphone Music / Depending on the customer's arguments, Headphone Music / may cancel the order and refund the customer. This possibility is the sole responsibility of Headphone Music / and no recourse may be taken against this decision.

Ordering information

All prices indicated on our online store (including shipping and returns) are inclusive of 7.7% VAT. The prices mentioned in our offers and order confirmations are, in principle, binding.

Delivery and return

Delivery is only possible in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. All Headphone Music / mailings are sent by the Swiss postal services in A Mail. Headphone Music / cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery due to Swiss Post.

The material will arrive at the customer between one and three days before the event date indicated in the calendar when ordering the material. The rental period is one day and one night and for a continuous use period of a maximum of 8 hours (i.e. the maximum charging period of the headphones).

The rented equipment remains the sole property of Headphone Music / and must be returned in full to it within the time limit set, i.e. the second working day after the event at the departure of the Post Office.


The online rental website provides all the necessary information for the correct use of the rented equipment. If there is any doubt in the customer's mind after reading all the information available on, he is required to contact "Headphone Music /".

Any alteration or loss of the equipment will be charged at the rates below. The client may under no circumstances claim not to have been properly informed of the conditions of use of the rented equipment.

HF headset: CHF 50 each

HF transmitter: CHF 300 each

Cable: CHF 30.00 each

Rako crate: CHF 50 each

General rental conditions

The purpose of these rental conditions is to define the contractual relationship between Miss Camping SA (as operator of Headphone Music / and the customer. These general rental conditions form an integral part of the rental contract concluded between Miss Camping SA and the customer.

The Headphone Music / website does not sell any equipment, it is a rental website only and what is more, it is for private events without any financial compensation (operation of bars or paid entries) from third parties.

For customers wishing to organize public events, the latter must first contact Headphone Music / in order to conclude an offer and an ad hoc contract.

The Headphone Music / website promotes public events organised by Miss Camping SA and its partners. For any questions regarding these public silent-disco's, the customer should contact Headphone Music /


The customer has read the operating instructions and instructions of the equipment and undertakes to comply with them.

No compensation or refund may be requested from Headphone Music / for any loss of use or commercial disturbance, regardless of the cause or origin.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, the legal venue is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.