FAQs Rental


> Should we recharge the headphones?
No, the headphone will be delivered to you ready to use.

> Are the headphones usable outside ?
Yes, except in case of rain. If headphones are damaged by water, they will be charged CHF 50.- piece.

> What is the battery life of the headphones ?
The headphones are usable for a duration of about 8 hours.

> Why are there crackles ?
The transmitters are too close to each other. A distance of 1,5 m between each transmitter is necessary to avoid interference between them.

> Are headphones suitable for children ?
Yes, they are suitable for children. A volume control knob is located on each headphone.

> How many sound sources are needed ?
As many as transmitters, one, two or three depending on your order.

> What is the transmission mode of the signal ?
This is an RF signal. No WiFi or Bluetooth connection is required for system operation.

> Does the system work with Apple Music or Spotify ?
Yes, you can connect to any computer or tablet or smartphone that has a streaming music provider or Play List.

> Do you have Play List available ?
No, we do not provide Play List.


> When do I have to return the headphones ?
At the latest, the second working day after your event.

> Are return fees included ?
Yes, the cost of returns are in the rental price. An already printed label is provided for the return.

> How to address the return of the material ?
Just stick the label provided by us, lock the box with the plastic fasteners provided by us and send it from any office Switzerland / Lichtenstein.

> Can I take care of the transport myself?
Yes you can pick up the headphones yourself at our warehouse in Lausanne. If you choose this option please contact us to make an offer and arrange an appointment for pick-up.


> How much does a lost or damaged headphone cost ?
An invoice of CHF 50.- HT or will be sent in case of loss or irreversible damage.

> Must I keep the discharge post office ?
Yes, absolutely! You will receive a receipt of CHF 0.- at the post office during the return, this will be your only proof that the material has been entrusted to the post office.

> How long do I have to keep this receipt ?
One month minimum.

> In case of dispute where is the Legal Court?
In Lausanne.